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HEDONISM:The pursuit of Pleasure;

The ethical theory that pleasure in the sense of satisfaction of desires

is the highest good and proper aim of Human Life

HOLISTIC: Taking into account the Whole

Mind Body Spirit in the context of Health and Healing 


HOLISTIC HEDONISM: the pursuit of Pleasure that is good for you!


Our Retreat experiences - here at the magical CasaVeras

in the substropical Byron Bay Hinterland, New South Wales, Australia


Choose the dates that suit you and then select your experience,

which we will further refine to potentise your intention - all killer no filler 

expect to leave revived, relaxed and renewed recommitted to Self and all your potentials.

Day Pass

Tune in Turn on Drop out for a few hours - alone or with your friends


in the wonderful byron Hinterland


Sacred Samadhi  •  retreats 

Bespoke Experiences

for your next gathering, team building, class or a workshop

Gift Vouchers

Hire / Short Term Accomodation

to enquire or book:   EMAIL   Text or Call

Alive and Wild

Living Live Raw Plantbased Gastronomy 

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