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In this time space continuum, we live in the Byron Hinterland, on the east coast of Australia.

CasaVeras is 11 acres of beautiful subtropical rainforest,

where we hold our classes in Consciousness and Embodiment  anMind Body Spirit Retreats

working with inspiration rather than conflict as the impetus for change..


Dr Jon Dental has both clinical and metaphysical protocols

‘My years of experience as a dental surgeon has allowed me to develop a unique way to practice.

When you become a patient with me, I give a full holistic service

that takes the whole body into the context of healing. (more than just white fillings)

I have created my own protocols and products to support and nurture your healing experience,

balancing and aligning, the body mind and spirit. ’ Dr Jon


Ptah Rocks Conscious Crystal  Cutting and Faceting 

Whoever cuts the crystal, programs the crystal, and for this reason, I began to cut my own crystals.

 It has grown into a passion, and I have a studio here, where I create power pieces, altar and body adornments

MbodiYoga  with Dr Jon

Retreats and Sacred Samadhi

A gentle and restorative Yoga, Facilitating awareness, memory & embodiment of LifeForce,

the wisdom of Essence, integrating with the Body, Mind Spirit in the here & now


 We offer One on One Sessions  where both Jon and myself will work with you to get your shiznay together

We all go through times when we need some refinement in our energy, a need for direction or some Soul food.

We can be of assistance to you in getting there - with joy, grace and ease in a framework of safety and trust.


Finally, when you come to our place, you are nourished from the outside in with fabulous food to

feed the body, entice the mind and sate the soul with ALIVEandWILD PLANTGASM living live Raw Plantbased Cuisine

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60A Kingsvale Road

Myocum  NSW  2481



    VICKI:  0412 400 085 • email

  Dr JON: 0411  031 301 • email

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