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Choose from our program, or lets work together to create something to suit your goals and intentions 

TUNE in • TURN on • DROP out

Tune in to your Spirit

Turn on your body to health and healing

Drop out and give your mind a rest and reboot


3 days / weekend or Overnight

In our Lux Private or glamping accomodation 


get of the treadmill of what you are eating, drinking, thinking - pivot - and reset

a weekend of Juices, fresh food and energetic upgrades  

The Yoga and Wellness Weekend Retreat

Spend the weekend immersed in yoga, wellness, meditation, nature,

eating fabulous food in the magic of CasaVeras to leave refreshed, refocused and ready to engage life

Book as a Single, Couple, you and your besties (up to 8 people)


Health and Wellbeing through the balance of Body, Mind & Spirit 

Healing and cognition integrating left & right brain consciousness using Kinesiology muscle Testing as a Foundation

NEW RETREATS FOR 2023: Psychic Development Retreat

A weekend immersion into Consciousness Embodiment,

for you to discover / remember / embrace your own unique JuJu and rock it

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