the Reset 


get off the treadmill of what you are eating, drinking, thinking - pivot - and reset

Arrive Noon Friday, Leave after Lunch Sunday afternoon refreshed and recharged

You get one vehicle to experience this physical journey through 

when is NOW the right time to upgrade, appreciate and Renew?  



3 days and 2 nights of juices, tapering to a water fast,

on the last day reintroducing foods

with a wonderful plantbased feast to celebrate and reenter the worlD

Included is

• all Food, Juices / Drinks and Glamping accommodation,

a bush Spa, Filtered and UV treated Rainwater,  a far infrared sauna

and a beautiful setting to support your upgrades and integration

• a Whole Health Session with Dr Jon to determine your ideal dietry requirements,

food combining and supplements to support you 


• a reclaiming your Cosmology session with Vicki,

to align the body mind and spirit with the upgrades


• daily Yoga, stretch and meditations.

• You can add to your retreat Massage, Plantbased Food Preparation Class,

a Colonic, we can work together to create something special for you

$990 per Person

(Additional Extra Day (s) $222 per day)

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