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with Dr Jon Veranese

Health and Wellbeing through the balance of Body, Mind & Spirit 

Healing and cognition integrating left & right brain consciousness

Using Muscle Testing, learn to isolate and identify imbalances in the mental, emotional and physical realms

that effect and moderate the expression and experience of the Reality.

The context for healing goes beyond what the conscious mind can perceive.

It reveals insight into what is blocking you from fulfilling your desires and potential,

and is an excellent complement to the right brain experientials we hold,

giving the mind focus and clarity and details the imbalances

adding to the understanding of what is actually happening in the 'unseen' but felt dimensions of Self. 

It is a stand alone course,

or an essential addition to other alternative therapies and modalities

such as bodywork, naturopathy or counselling. giving an extra dimension of healing and understanding

with unique nutritional, structural and emotional knowledge and support.


There is no prerequisite other than a desire to be empowered to heal


2 FULL Days from morning to dusk (or therabouts)

a day of process and discovery


and follow up session within a week or two of your course

$1350 +GST per person

Includes Materials, Tuition Lunch and Snacks 

(Accomodation Additional)

For all enquiries 


Whole Health and Wellbeing: Level 1 and 2

• learn the art of muscle testing

• connect with your own innate healing wisdom and energy

• learn how to identify and move energy out of the body 

• understand the effect of energy and imbalance on the body, mind and spirit

• develop skills to heal and support your own experience as well as others

Whole Health and Wellbeing: DENTAL 

PREREQUISITE: Whole Health or Kinesiology experience

• Understanding the dynamics of Energy Healing and the subtle anatomy 

• Protocols and processes to develop your own innate healing ability, 

•  Identify and heal imbalances relating to mouth, teeth, jaw, and gums, returning balance to the body mind and spirit

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