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Daily Yoga class with


By going within, involuting to the very centre of our consciousness, 

we can experience Essence, you all the way back to Source. 

All your incarnations, the accumulation of all your experience  wisdom

Yoga means to connect or union with the divine within.

The MBodiYoga practice is designed to facilitate awareness, memory and embodiment

of your LifeForce, the wisdom of your Essence, integrating this within

the Body, Mind and Spirit in the here and now 

It is not someone else’s version of truth or spirituality. 

It is recognising your own knowing and integrity, living it in everyday

experience and expression


Dr Jon embarked on the yoga journey more than 25 years ago. 

Now having formalised his yoga training, he is a certified yoga instructor 

bringing his unique style and extensive experience with

Meditation, Touch for Health, Kinesiology and his own

Whole Health and wellbeing protocols

classes and thoughtful, nurturing and gentle to replenish, fortify and restore

Whatever size, ability or fitness level you are at is inconsequential.

this is more about your connection with and experience of

the body you are in here and now

So if you are not a size 8 and you can’t touch your toes,

you are still welcome and will get a lot out of the experience.


If you are a yogi / yogini who practices daily,

 the mbodiyoga approach will open a new dimension to your practice



TEXT: 0411 031 301

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